Server performances

We are building a mobile application with Couchbase ans sync gateway to deliver the data, and offline mode in mind.

We come from the SQL world so we have built the first version of our database to have a bucket hosting a “table”.
The problem now is that our server resources get mostly used by Couchbase, leaving very little memory and CPU for the other services (we have an apache server running too, and some other apps built periodically).

After a lot of readings, my feeling is that we should have tried to limit the number of buckets used by our database. Am I right to think that the less buckets we have the less memory and CPU will be used by Couchbase?

Should that be the right way to go, I was planning to have a bucket for the reference data, another one for the users and one last for the complementary data.
What is not clear yet here is the proper way to share sessions between those buckets. I guess this will have to be handled by a backend server which will dispatch the app session to the different buckets.
Any hint would be appreciated here :wink: