Design Advance Monitoring system to track the temperature and Humidity readings Via internet

In color chemical industry we face a major issue of high temperature and humidity due to which we have to shutdown the plant after a few time, So we are installing Wireless sensors(works as advance monitoring system) which interface with raspberry pi and synchronize Sensor readings and send it to couchbase?
As I am not aware of the couchbase functionalities following are some of my doubts, I need to clear

  • Create and move the index database from one location to another location
  • create cache file system through database and save it in raspberry Pi memory for tracing the data anytime through internet.
  • Require developing tools for live streaming Dashboard with Bar graph presentation using couchbase.
  • Need suggestion to connect live streaming Dashboard to internet and make secure path with warning services.

Hi @valder45,

When you say “move the index database”, what do you mean? You can replicate indexes in a Couchbase cluster using XDCR.

I’m not sure what you mean about the Raspberry Pi/cache system. If you want to have data local to a RPi, take a look at Couchbase Lite.

Developing and securing a live dashboard is up to you. You might take a look at this blog post and the related ones for some ideas:

It’s helpful to have more specific questions, posted as individual topics. It’s hard to answer a broad set of questions together.


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