Installing Couchbase Enterprise on Raspberry Pi

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I am a new bee in the Couchbase, but I am building an IoT cluster using few Raspberry Pi and requires unidirectional replication under the wireless mesh network environment. We would like to use the Couchbase Enterprise version on each raspberry pi. However, the Couchbase Enterprise doesn’t support raspberry and couchbase lite aims embedded devices but it doesn’t have official python library support. Does any expert can enlighten me in this problem? or there is other workaround solution I can reach this goal.

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Hello…we had two big reasons to build the Pi cluster at Quintor. First of all we wanted to experiment with container technology at scale on real hardware. You can try out container technology using virtual machines, but Kubernetes runs great on bare metal too. To explore what that’d be like, we built a Raspberry Pi cluster just like we would build a cluster of machines in a production datacenter.