Couchbase server Raspberry Pi 3 - possible?

Hello Team! I want to seek the best way to setup couchbase in my usecase.

I have a couchbase-server cluster setup on AWS, which is written to from an api, using the couchbase Go sdk. I want to create a subset of the microservice to run on Raspberry Pi 3 (multiple). Since there’s less infrastructure to run couchbase-server on a RPi3 how can I get an instance of couchbase running.

PS: The instance running on the Raspberry Pis, would replicate the remote version whenever there’s a connection

Couchbase does not support ARM platform officially, so you have to build your own copy from sources.
You can find the guide here:

Oh… Any chances of getting replication to work?

Do you have any issues with XDCR setup?

Not really, just testing if it works on the pie

first you need to build couchbase for raspberry and if you will manage to do it, I’m pretty sure that XDCR will work.

Any specific guide for this I can refer to?

I’ve posted link to guide in the message above:

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I know that people have built for rPi in the past; so it has worked previously. That was probably the 4.x timeframe.