Use Wireless Sensor with couchbase for creating monitoring analysis

We have ordered one old CNC machines which is used old around 2years in some other firm, now I want to use it in in my company to create new assemblies through it,
As far testing the analysis of machine i was looking for the cheaper and better solution, so after consultation with few innovative companies and team, we are going to try some new ways to monitor the vibration of machines and check the life expectancy of machines, We are using Wireless Vibration Sensor which shares the output as per their code mention in manual but there are Some innovative ideas on internet which I need to implement by using this sensor which are as follows:

  • I want to send the data of wireless on couchbase cloud database.
  • Integrate the database with some cloud based streaming analytics and made the data display on smartphones
  • Need Best way to create cellular communication between electron and Wireless sensor which act as a server to send the data to internet cloud or store the data when there is no internet connectivity and send the data when ever it get connected with internet.

Your leads will be much helpful to implement these kind of process.


This is a pretty broad set of questions.

Looking at the NCD sensor you linked to, there are a couple of ways they suggest to connect it to a machine to read the data. The sensor sends data in JSON format.

There are several ways to approach building the apps and infrastructure, depending on what your connectivity looks like. You could have a machine with a Couchbase Server node on it. Write an app that reads the sensor data and persists it to the CBS node. Replicate this off to another site with XDCR if you want.

Or, if the sensors will relay data to a machine with good connectivity, write an app to read the data and write it to a CBS cluster in the cloud.

For the mobile part, use the Couchbase Mobile stack to sync the data to your mobile devices.

If you have more specific questions, that could help.

Hi I apologize for making it much confused one
My main goal is to use the cellular service with raspberry Pi which help wireless sensor to communicate with some web application installed in smart phones,

I am just newcomer in this kind of technology due to which have much less knowledge about use it

Any basic solution to start with my goal to implement these kind of solution will be much helpful .