Where do I go to learn about options for synchronous Couchbase connections?

It would be ideal to connect to something like port 11210 and “WATCH: {‘document’ : ‘beer-sample’}” or a particular JSON node in that document. In addition, there would be “POST:{‘dataname’ : ‘datavalue’}”, or “GET…”.

Returns would be something like “UPDATED:{‘dataname’ : ‘datavalue’}”, or “NEW:…”, or “REPLACED…”.

In short, what is the best method to open a semi-permanent connection to a client to a Cloudbase server to both send and receive data (aka subscribe/publish). I want to have a Raspberry Pi connect to a port on the server and wait for triggered data events. At the same time, I want to have a windows program open a similar connection to the same server and wait for the same events. Thus, when new data is sent from the windows app to the database (ie, button_onclick), the update triggers data to be sent to the Pi (ie, turn on LED).

We have tested with libcouch but would prefer a lighter, simpler interface if that’s possible. Though we can use any language, we prefer C++.