Couchbase service is running but not able to access UI

Couchbase service is running but not able to access UI. The login screen keeps loading after submitting the login credentials and nothing happens. I am also not able to access the query service via postman (8093 port).
Can someone help me in debugging what’s the issue here?

Given that both the UI (8091) and the Query service (8093) aren’t accessible, you might want to check your netstat output for listeners on those ports. And of course a simple service recycle may be the quickest thing to try to resolve this (e.g. systemctl restart couchbase-server on Linux).

You might find a clue in the logs (/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs) or in your system log (e.g. journalctl -e on Linux).

If looking at the logs, I’d start by looking at the most recently modified (after a login attempt) to start narrowing down where to look.

It may be worth checking that the Couchbase processes aren’t restarting (i.e. crashing & restarting) - you should also be able to see which process is listening on port 8091; expect it to be an Erlang beam.smp process that should not be restarting when you attempt to login. Without this functioning I would not expect the Query service to be functional either.