No longer able to open Couchbase Web Console

Running Couchbase Server 5.1.1

Previously we have always been able to access the web interface via but now am no longer able to publicly access or even curl the address. None of the server configs have changed and the port is still configured for a custom TCP rule in AWS. I am able to SSH into the box and curl the UI via http://localhost:8880/ui/index.html no problem, but for some reason it is no longer accessible publicly.

I have already tried restarting couchbase via sudo service couchbase-server stop/sudo service couchbase-server stop, but to no avail. Previously I have seen this on other machines but just repushing couchbase to the machine would resolve the issue. But since this is production, I’d rather not do that.

Is there a specific, separate service name for the Couchbase Web Console that I can perhaps try kicking?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

The Couchbase web UI is on port 8091 by default, so it sounds like you have some non-standard config / port forwarding to map to port 8880.