Couchbase Enterprise edition for Docker

I have a question about couchbase docker version.
When I install Couchbase Docker(via official image), The admin dashboard indicates My Couchbase is Enterprise Edition. I didn’t download purposely the Enterprise edition container version in Docker hub. I just downloaded @latest as usual.
So, I am worrying if I use this Paid Edition in the production.
If I’m not wrong, Enterprise Edition is super expensive for a single developer like me. Can’t manage the cost $$$$$$$ except for “a real Enterprise”
Can I use this Enterprise edition version for my personal project ?

Hi max,

A license is required in order to deploy the Enterprise Edition in a production environment. If you need features that are only available in the Enterprise Edition, I’d say go ahead and fill out the Pricing Request Form with the details of your project and see if it the sales team can make something work for you.

The good news is that there are also official Docker images for the Community Edition which can be deployed into production for free. At the time of writing the latest tag is community-6.0.0. Check out the full list of Docker image versions.