Docker Enterprise version

I am wondering that, when I run new docker container of couchbase, it installed enterprise version, without asking for license and limitations

Can you please tell me the limitations of couchbase docker version?

I want to use couhbase analysis, it is available on enterprise version only, But I’m in Iran and due to US sanctions ,I cannot order enterprise version

I want to know about, what is the risk of using docker version of couchbase , it include analytics

I want to know, can I use it in production?
Has it a time limit? Or limitation on cluster size?

Reply please , I want to know more about docker version

Waiting for response …

There are only two licenses for Couchbase Server: Enterprise and Community. Both are available in Docker Hub, using different Docker tags. For example, the most recent Enterprise Edition 6.5.1 is available as “couchbase:6.5.1”, while the Community Edition 6.5.1 is available as “couchbase:community-6.5.1”. You can see all the tags here:

The license for Server is the same whether you download it from our website or install it via Docker. To answer your specific question, Analytics is an Enterprise-only feature. You cannot run Enterprise Edition in a production environment without a paid license, which is currently unavailable in Iran due to U.S. export and sanctions restrictions. More information and links can be found in the License section of the description of Couchbase on Docker Hub (scroll down to the bottom, which is where Docker Hub requires us to place licensing information) :

Thank you for reaching out. To answer your question about Enterprise Edition, Couchbase do not currently support use of its software in Iran due to U.S. export and sanctions restrictions.

I am asking something else!!
I ran a docker version, with full feature available, currently I can use Analytics!!
Why analysis is available !