CouchBase Licensing


Can i use Couchbase Community Edition (2.5.x) for commercial projects in production? The license information is a bit confusing.


This section should clear it up for you:

“Community Edition (CE) is best for non-commercial developers, where taking some time to figure out or resolve issues doesn’t result in major problems. There are no constraints on using these binaries in production systems, but they have not been subjected to the iterative test, fix and verify QA cycle that is a part of the Enterprise Edition release process and do not include the latest bug fixes. Manuals, mailing lists and forums on provide access to the Couchbase user community to help troubleshoot issues and answer questions.”

So yes, it’s possible to use as many nodes in production of the community edition as you want for free.


Exactly this sentence leaded me to the confusion, is best for means that is recommended but could be used for commercial purposes too?

They mean it is best to use the enterprise edition if you want the latest bug fixes and engineer support however you can still use community edition free for commercial ventures. Just be aware that the community edition is always a release behind the enterprise version and therefore might not have all the features that you need.

I’d like to see this the other way and ask a question.

I have downloaded couchbase-server-enterprise-3.0.2-centos6.x86_64.rpm to four test servers and built up a cluster with four nodes. I’m doing some set/get benchmarks right now. My question is, is there any feature or limit which will be improved/changed if I go for enterprise subscription? Or it’s only 7/24 support (like mongodb) that I’ll get? (which is something good btw)