Console crash fetching just a few medium sized documents

I have 30 documents, each 180k. If I try to fetch more than 5 such documents in the Documents tab, (10 is the default in chrome) chrome hangs. I can retrieve ALL 30 documents from the Query tab with no problem whatsoever. Only the Documents tab fails.

These documents aren’t very big. Why is the console having such a hard time retrieving them?

I have 18GB of memory assigned to the bucket with only 118MB in use. I’m retrieving documents where type=‘form’. I have a GSI on ‘type’.

Furthermore, because the console automatically caches the current search in the ‘documents’ tab, as soon as I’ve accidentally performed a query that will melt chrome (e.g. fetching 10 or more of said documents), the console caches the result and I can no longer EVER open the console to the documents tab again, because it will re-crash, then re-crash, then re-crash. The ONLY way I can recover is to manually clear chrome browsing data.

At the very least, I would expect couchbase to detect a previous hang and clear the current document search that caused it, so that you have some hope of returning to the console again.

Far more importantly, if Chrome cannot display just 10 documents of 180k each, then I have a rather serious problem.


@Robert_Mirabelle What is the Couchbase Server version you are using? Can you log a bug here

V7.1 beta - Issue created.