Query results cut off in console

The web console is effectively useless as any time you load a document that requires scrolling (i.e. larger than the current screen size), the content is clipped from the bottom, thus made unviewable and completely inaccessible.

Put another way, scrollbars are rendered incorrectly in the console. They disappear below the bottom edge of the browser window. The bottom content of any large document (larger than the current browser window size) can never be scrolled into view.

The error is identical in both Chrome and Edge.

Hi @Robert_Mirabelle

Sorry you are having issues - I know you don’t want to here this … works for me

I made a document 7,393 lines in the doc editor, running a query on it I get 8,597 lines as a result in the Query Editor or work bench it all scrolls nicely for me. I am using the latest released (GA) version of Couchbase i.e., Enterprise Edition 6.6.2 build 958. Note, I also tested in a recent internal 7.0.0 build it worked too.

Some quick things to try, did you try to exit and restart your browser do you have a lot of UI items open if so can you close some.

Note, I do see a scroll bar in the image you provided (I assume it is inactive and not working).

To further assist you what version of Couchbase you are running as well as what the OS, OS version, Browser, Browser Version (of Chrome and Edge) you use on your workstation to access the Couchbase server.

What was the size of your document (maybe mine is too small)?


Jon Strabala

Couchbase Enterprise Edition 7.0.0 build 4602 ‧ IPv4
Chrome: Version 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10: 20H2 (OS Build 19042.928)
Edge: 90.0.818.51 (Official build) (64-bit)

Any document large enough to cause results panel to be larger than one screen - no need for thousands of lines


Hi @Robert_Mirabelle

Thanks for the details. I know a lot of work was going on not just in the UI but other services so there was a massive amount of wheels meshing, the good news is I am positive your problem is fixed. I used an internal build from May 4th, 2021 ( 7.0.0-5097 ) as per my last post.

Robert if this is this is a show stopper for you please ask your direct sales channel about getting an updated release candidate. Also I am not positive but think an update t the beta is a few weeks out.

FYI, you probably should have posted in https://www.couchbase.com/forums/c/beta-support


Jon Strabala

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