Couchbase web console crashes Google Chrome

I’ve noticed that that 100% of the time I leave a Couchbase web console open (usually viewing the auto-updating graphs for a bucket) I will come back in a few hours and the Google Chrome tab will have crashed. It’s not too bad since I can just refresh the page and it comes back, but it crashes everytime without fail if left for a while.

What’s causing this and can it be fixed?

Is there any other information I can provide to help resolve this? It continues to be a regular issue. Also, why does this question have -1 points? Is there something wrong with the question?

Hard to debug this one… Dunno what to ask to help you debug it. I am doing the same quite often without any issue. I will do a longer test…

About the -1, no clue, I voted you up to get 0 :slight_smile:

I guess part of my question was just to see if other people were having the issue. It crashes so regularly on my computer I assumed it was a wide-spread problem. Just crashed again this morning-- the next time it happens I’ll see if Chrome has any debugging info about the crash that I can pass along to your developers.

An update on this-- my chrome tab no longer crashes with the cute little picture of the loopy-looking browser tab-- now the tab just locks up and when I switch to it, the screen refuses to even render anything. I don’t know if an update to Couchbase or Chrome changed that behavior-- but either way, leaving the performance monitor screen open for hours at a time does not agree with Chrome on my PC. I’m using Chrome 28. Windows 7 64 bit. When the tab(s) hang, it is accompanied by very high CPU usage as long as the locked-up tab is open as well as a significant amount of memory usage. Refresh the tab sometimes will clear it up, but sometimes I have to close the tab entirely and open it up again.


I have created this JIRA to capture this and let the Q&A team about this:



I also have this exact problem. I tried to comment on Jira but it did not seem to let me.

I am using Chrome version 34.0.1847.116 m (don’t know what the ‘m’ part is".

Couchbase in my particular case is community 2.2.0. I have seen it on both linux servers and windows servers.

The issue is that if I leave a console up on a bucket (with the graph set on the minute interval)… and come back in a few hours… chrome will say that it has stopped responding.

It is possible that part of the scenario is putting my monitor locked. (hitting windowskey-L).

See my above comment… I too see this regularly and was surprised that it is not easily reproducible by others.