Large document makes document list unresponsive in administration UI

After posting a 4MB JSON document to a bucket, I can no longer browse the document list from the administrative console. The API is still responsive though, so I can delete it from my application and then everything returns to normal. According to the documentation the maximum size is 20MB, so a document 1/5 that size shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve tried this on 2 test clusters running Server 3.0.3 on Window with the same results. Are there any known issues with large-ish documents?

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Hello Scott,


There’s a 2.5K limit to the size of a document that can be edited in the UI
Set in /opt/couchbase/lib/ns_server/erlang/lib/ns_server/priv/public/js/documents.js
with docBytesLimit

Out of interest why do you need such large documents ? It’s preferable to use smaller documents where possible.

Thanks ianmeeloy. I’m not trying to edit the large document at all. As soon as one exists in the bucket though, the administrative UI freezes up at the document list. As for the large size, I don’t have any that big but my customers might. I flow through the maximum size that Couchbase allows and then test to that limit. If I have to reduce that from 20MB to 2.5MB then I will do so, but it will invalidate some use cases.


Guys, MB-7097 is back. Any multi-MB documents in the bucket and the UI crashes, even if you’re not trying to pull up that specific document. If you have smaller documents in the 10’s of KB, the document list gets really slow too.

I’m running on Windows Server 2012.

This seems to be still true as of writing this. We are running couchbase 4.0rc . We recently started uploading customer files, some that are a few MB large, and it is now impossible to check the document list in the console for the bucket where it was uploaded.

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