Web console displays no document, "Retrieve Docs" grayed out

Hello there,
Very often Couchbase’s Web console displays no document when I click the “Documents” link on the bucket list display.
The bucket has a lot of documents, and when I painfully refresh about 20 times, eventually, the documents are displayed.
When nothing is displayed, the “Retrieve Docs” button is grayed out (more accurately turned from solid to light blue). Search is therefore completely disabled.
Refreshing again after a successful display leads often to no documents displayed and the button grayed out again.
This happens on multiple browser products and multiple operating systems and is very frequent.
I talked to several other users who have the exact same issue, so it must not be my own setup.
I’ve tried to log out and log in again to no avail.
It must be something silly, but I can’t figure out how to resolve it except through multiple refresh.
Any idea what’s going on?
I have 7.1.0, but I’ve seen an identical issue with prior versions.


This is tracked by MB-52940 Loading...

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