CE 4.6.0 availability


I tried to send a message to cihan, but he is no longer there :frowning:

I am a user of Couchbase who has installed EE in my development environment for my org. I installed this about 2 months ago.

We are using Couchbase exclusively for conversation persistence, making important use of subdocument operations to append to arrays. The following issue blocks us from using CE 4.5.1, the latest available CE version. https://issues.couchbase.com/browse/MB-21597

When I chose CB, I assumed that there would be a CE release of 4.6.0 upcoming. 4.6.0 was released in February.

Can you help determine when a CE release of 4.6.0 would be made;
Is there any way to get a preview build of CE 4.6.0? I donโ€™t think Iโ€™m ready to assume responsibility for the building from source.

Also, how do you decide to leave such an issue in the CE without even hotfix?


Couchbase has its annual conference October 25-26. They usually have their big releases then of the newest version. This year its looking like 5.x so they might release a CE build of 4.6.x a while after they have a 5.0.x build a few months later.

I have subsequently discovered that 2 CBEE nodes can be run in production for free, this suffices for us for quite some time:)