How can I install CE maintenance release 6.0.4?

I want to update my Community Edition server from 6.0.0 build 1693 to the most recent version 6.0.4 (fixes some issues with snappy decoding that would let me update the Java SDK to a version above 2.5.7).

I download the CE version from - and when I try to install it I get a message about that build already being installed… So where can I find the maintenance release 6.0.4???

rpm -U couchbase-server-community-6.0.0-centos6.x86_64.rpm 
	package couchbase-server-community-6.0.0-1693.x86_64 is already installed

Thanks in advance!

I am facing same problem. I can download only 6.0.0. Is it integrated all the fixes in 6.0.4?
Anyone please help.