Will there ever be a Couchbase 4.1 Community Edition?

We are currently evaluating a 4.0 Community Edition. There is now a 4.1 Enterprise Edition, which has some nice features like batch operation support in N1QL.
What is the policy of Community Edition releases and could we expect a 4.1 Community Edition?

I am also looking for it. Didn’t find any answer yet.

Here 4.1 CE was promised to be available in May.

yes we are expecting 4.1 CE in the coming weeks.
We have a couple of concurrent releases so the dates may fluctuate but should be out there shortly. Bear with us while we try to get both 4.5 and 4.1 out the door.
thanks for your patience.

@cihangirb, are the plans for 4.5 EE and CE still stand to what you mentioned here?