Release of Couchbase Server 4.1/4.5 CE Docker image

Hi there!

Do you plan to release Docker image of CB 4.1/4.5 Community Edition? If so, when?


I think @cihangirb can speak for it, but both 4.1 and 4.5 are not yet released as CE at all so my guess is once they will (no date yet) they will also be available as docker images.

Yes, that’s correct - we have not yet released 4.1/4.5 CE version. We plan to release 4.1 CE soon in next few weeks and docker image for 4.1 CE will be made available at the Docker Hub.

Is it possible to speed it up? CB 4.0 is great but there are multiple annoying bugs.

Why can’t Couchbase Inc. do like, let’s say, RedHat? Always release everything first in the community branch (cf. Fedora, CentOS), and afterwards release the proprietary enterprise version (cf. RHEL). The licensing and preferential treatment regarding bug fixes and new features is slowly driving me back to MongoDB…

hi @Kitanotori, thanks for the suggestion.
I assume you want a binary from us - because we already have this in open source where you can compile your own latest version. is that righ? what frequency would you like to get this in?

I don’t have to compile MongoDB, MySQL, or most other databases myself either, so I don’t quite see why I would like to do that. The slow release cycle of the community edition is unacceptable, in my opinion. I chose the CE for a production system (could have considered EE if it had pricing scheme for such small apps), but I fear that I am compromising security as it seems to be the policy of Couchbase Inc. to release bug fixes in slower pace to CE than it is actually necessary from technical point of view.

Could you please just change your release process (or add flexible EE pricing scheme targeted at SMEs), because it is seriously forcing me to go back to other databases (which I wouldn’t want to do, as I like the architecture of Couchbase)?

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