XDCR filtering out ~1000 docs

Hi there all, we’re on 6.6.0 now and migrating to 7.1.1.

We setup XDCR with the default configs to a newly setup remote cluster.
However, I see around 1000 docs not replicated to the remote cluster. The XDCR stats show some spikes too. Is there a way to check what these docs are and why they are filtered out?

Thanks in advance!

XDCR filters out temporary transaction documents. If you are using transactions, it could be the case. I would also check to make sure the new target bucket is pristine, and not because there were some documents there and then manually deleted… as that could cause failed conflict resolution to occur if Most-Write-Win is in use (which is the default).

What do you mean temporary transaction documents please?

The new bucket is pristine indeed, as it’s a brand new cluster and also the XDCR is uni directional, so there would be no scope for a conflict resolution, I believe.

Sorry, what procedure? There’s no PL/SQL involved here :expressionless: