XDCR - only 1/3 documents transferred

I have two clusters: one with three nodes - there is one bucket (with 2 replicas) and the other cluster, with just one node. I have setup XDCR from 3node cluster to 1node cluster. Number of documents in 3k cluster is 1.8m (+ 3.8m replicas), but number of replicated documents to 1node cluster is only 600k - exactly 1/3
of all documents. In web console -> xdcr replication, there is a lot of messages like:

Error replicating vbucket 988. Please see logs for details.

xdcr_error log has two types of issues:

  1. out of 25 docs, succ to send 24 docs, fail to send others (by error type, enoent: 1, not-my-vb: 0, einval: 0, timeout: 0 other errors: 0 (this is 2.2.0 issue, which according to Jira is fixed with 2.5.0 - but it should cause single documents, not 66.6% of them, to be missing. This fix is sadly not available for Community Edition),

  2. WARNING! Database delete purger current sequence is ahead of replicator starting sequence …that means one or more deletion is lost (vb: 62, purger seq: 2051, repl start seq: 0).

I’ve been using XDCR before from 1-node to 1-node cluster (without replicas within datacenters), it was working fine. Problems started when I’ve added 2 nodes to one of the clusters and re-created buckets/xdcr (with num_replicas=2 in 3node cluster).

Any suggestions?

Could you provide more details on what version you are running on which OS? Thanks in advance!

I’m running couchbase-server-2.2.0-837.x86_64, installed from binary rpm’s, on Amazon Linux release 2014.03, x86_64, with kernel 3.10.35-43.137.amzn1. Please let me know if I should provide any further information or diagnostic tool output (it’s huuuge)

Ok so I looked around and asked our engineers, they suggested that you should open a issue in our JIRA tracker to get this resolved referencing this post as well as providing any additional steps which might help us reproduce it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help but I think raising an Issue seems like the next reasonable step. I hope we can get this resolved, if you have any trouble feel free to comment and I can guide you through.

This has been solved. I have setup a VPN connection only on one node out of three in source cluster, so remaining two nodes were not able to connect to destination cluster.