Working with scopes Spring data

I saw a video in which they mentioned that it could be used @Scope and @Collection anotation in the repositories, but I can’t use it, and I try to search in the documentation and I can’t find anything, I hope you could help me.


Scopes and Collections support was introduced in 4.3.0 M3 (milestone 3) and is also in 4.3.0 RC1. Those can be accessed via the milestone repository as described at Spring Data Couchbase - Reference Documentation (the directory is ‘milestone’ instead of the ‘libs-milestone’ described).
4.3 is being released Friday, November 12 2021.

Also - the sample application GitHub - couchbaselabs/try-cb-spring: Try Couchbase using the Spring Data Couchbase API uses Scopes and Collections in spring-data-couchbase.