Scopes and Collection limits and sync support for them

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding the collections and scopes limits in the upcoming release:

From what I understand, scopes would be a good fit for multi-tenant applications, and while I don’t expect to have hundreds of thousands of scopes, 1000 does give me some concerns for scaling my app in case it hits more than 1000 tenants. It seems a simpler solution to gateway sync channels too for syncing documents between couchbase lite and the server, so I’m quite excited about this new feature.

  1. regarding the Server, the documentation for 6.5 says the scope limit is 100, but I see in the 7 beta it is 1000 now. Is this due to performance concerns, or just a soft limit for development purposes. Will this stay with the stable release, increased or lifted altogether?

  2. regarding GatewaySync and Couchbase Lite (and in particular the couchbase-lite-C api), I see there is already some work in progress to support collections , but I don’t see anything regarding scopes.
    If scopes will not be supported then the alternative solution would be collections, but those also have a limit of 1000 collections. Which means the same scaling concerns would apply like with scopes.

  3. Finally, I see that there is work on the couchbase-lite-c api. I wrote a Dart SDK using the C api, and I’m trying to add support for the new changes as they happen. Is it in the plans to have support for scopes and collections in the same time when Couchbase Server 7 is released?

Thank you