Spring Data Couchbase - Scopes and Collections


Are there any plans to support Scopes and Collections in Spring Data Couchbase in the upcoming releases?


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Yes. While the schedule can change, we’re looking to update Spring Data with the Neumann release train.

Do note that Scopes and Collections are, as of this writing, developer preview functionality in the current 6.5 release of Couchbase Server.

What about multi-document transactions support in Spring? Are there any plans for such functionality?

Yes, there are plans and there is work there as well, also hoping to catch the next release train from Spring. You might want to chat with your Couchbase contacts directly for more detailed plans and to help make sure your use cases are considered in there.

Hi @ingenthr
I saw couchbase 7 stable is released cuple of days ago.When we can see scope and collection support in spring data couchbase?Under which spring data couchbase release?


@iisuru we are part of the spring-data release train. The next will have it, their current release train dates are:

  • 4.3 M2 β†’ 13 august
  • 4.3 M3 β†’ 17 september
  • 4.3 RC β†’ 14 october
  • 4.3 GA β†’ 12 november

Aside from full integration you can always manually bump to the 3.2.0 SDK and use the SDK APIs directly to access scopes and collections.

Thanks I am only concerned about spring data release.



Will I be able to know the spring boot and webflux versions I can see the 4.3 M2 spring data release?