Sync Gateway with Scope & collection Support

Couchbase Server 7.1 has support for scopes and collections. We are going to use the sync Gateway for the data syncing from remote user devices. Can you please help us how we can leverage the scope & collection with sync gateway? Is there any possibility or workaround ?

As of right now, Sync Gateway and Couchbase Lite can only target the default scope and collection in a bucket.

We’re actively working on getting scopes and collections fully integrated into all of the mobile products and platforms in an upcoming release!

Any tentative release date?

We do not have a release date that we can publicly communicate at this time but we hope to have this to be available first half of next year. The date range will be refined over the next few months. In the meantime, you can use _default scope/collection. Also, are you looking to deploy this on-prem/self managed or with Capella App Services?

Just to follow-up here, support for named scopes and collections was recently added to Sync Gateway: Scopes and Collections Support in Couchbase Mobile for Edge Applications