Please Make Unity3d plugin for CBLight! sucks - it has no local DB sync

Hi guys!
We are developing a mobile RPG game in Unity. Our content DB is 1500+ items long. Each item has texture,mesh,sound and other GO links(ids) and params. Also we have player profiles, achievements, quests, etc. regular RPG Game DB other words. Is it a good idea to use Couchbase as DB solution that will allow us:

  1. Push content updates. Something like DB sync using something like “diff”
  2. Work completely offline out of the box (pre-populated cache or something) OR work offline after single start-up sync. ? has Unity plugin but they don’t get the point of the offline gaming. They don’t have any way to store local DB “clone”.

Unity is #1 framework for mobile games. Nobody now even thinks of creating native apps because you can develop and publish crossplatform in just couple clicks. Each game needs a database!

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We hear you! Don’t have anything to announce, but we’re well aware of Unity3D and the great community around it (we’re gamers here to) and agree Couchbase Lite is a great fit for game devs. We just released version 1.0 of our pure .NET version of Couchbase Lite last week. Our goal is to make it available to as many .NET users as we can.

This thread is pretty old but I thought I’d chime in to let you all know that Couchbase Lite for Unity 1.0 beta was just released :smile: