Unable de create FTS index on Ephemeral bucket


I’m assessing couchbase community v6.0 in order to use it for a fullt text search scenario. As I have a high throughput data I’m testing the use of Ephemeral bucket.

Unfortunately, I’m facing a blocking issue, since I’m unable to create FTS index on this kind of bucket.
From the Couchbase Web Console, when I’m trying to create FTS index strangely only buckets of type couchbase are listed.

I tried to use the REST API, but I got the following error:
"error": "rest_create_index: error creating index: rts-alerts-m-search, err: manager_api: failed to connect to or retrieve information from source, sourceType: ephemeral, sourceName: rts-alerts-m, sourceUUID: 7691474ef83940094d7035c4b31f70ea, err: feed: DataSourcePartitions unknown sourceType: ephemeral"

From the Couchbase official documentation, I understood that FTS capabilities is enabled on Couchbase and Ephemeral buckets, but not on Memcached.


So if it is possible to create FTS index on Ephemeral buckets, how to do that ?

Hi @nourigo,

You can definitely create FTS indexes on ephemeral buckets .
But the ephemeral feature looks like disabled in community edition - https://www.couchbase.com/products/editions

In EE edition, you should be able to create indexes on ephemeral buckets from UI as well as over the rest endpoints. Please note - over rest end point the source type would still remain “couchbase”.

Perhaps, you may give a try with normal bucket types for your high throughput requirements and FTS indexes.