FTS index not building

We are on enterprise 6.5

We are trying to create a very simple fts index on a very simple 1 node cluster (it’s testing) and it just isn’t building. This one cluster has data, query, index and search services on it.

Whether I create via the UI or via Rest doc count stays at 0 and indexing progress stays at 0.00%

Here is a document that should make it into the index:

      "companyName": "naftali",
      "type": "contact"


select * from app where type = 'contact' and companyName is valued;

returns 270 results.

Here is the index definition.

  "type": "fulltext-index",
  "name": "contact-index",
  "sourceType": "couchbase",
  "sourceName": "app",
  "sourceUUID": "8e2536f88b9faf8951fda73b00b285b9",
  "planParams": {
    "maxPartitionsPerPIndex": 171,
    "indexPartitions": 6
  "params": {
    "doc_config": {
      "docid_prefix_delim": "",
      "docid_regexp": "",
      "mode": "type_field",
      "type_field": "type"
    "mapping": {
      "analysis": {},
      "default_analyzer": "standard",
      "default_datetime_parser": "dateTimeOptional",
      "default_field": "_all",
      "default_mapping": {
        "dynamic": true,
        "enabled": false
      "default_type": "_default",
      "docvalues_dynamic": true,
      "index_dynamic": true,
      "store_dynamic": false,
      "type_field": "_type",
      "types": {
        "contact": {
          "dynamic": false,
          "enabled": true,
          "properties": {
            "companyName": {
              "dynamic": false,
              "enabled": true,
              "fields": [
                  "docvalues": true,
                  "include_in_all": true,
                  "include_term_vectors": true,
                  "index": true,
                  "name": "companyName",
                  "type": "text"
    "store": {
      "indexType": "scorch"
  "sourceParams": {}

Please help or let me know how I can help you help me?