FTS Following example

I’m following this link to create a FTS index against the travel-sample bucket. Index is created but 0 documents are getting indexed. Anyone else get this working? Thanks

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Hello @dbachrac welcome to Couchbase Capella!

There appear to a couple of issues here:

  1. The document count does indeed appear to stay at 0, this does however appear to be a reporting issue . I believe this has no effect on search functionality. I will get this looked into.

  2. The document you outlined has a typo, which I will work on getting fixed - Step 4 should actually read:

" 4. For the name, type: “hotel”, and click Create Mapping ."

Based on the above your type mapping should look like this:

Also to clarify, to search the prefix “descrption:” should be used when searching on the index, for example:

I hope this helps you get the FTS index working. I will report the doc count and the documentation issues to get those fixed ASAP.



Just an update - the document count issue has already been reported (reference AV-24695) and should be fixed soon. Again, this is just a reporting issue and should have no impact on your ability to use the FTS index.