Tar installations for Couchbase server?

I see that the Couchbase server downloads are OS specific binaries. I understand why that could be the case. I use Linux on my development environment. I have known people who prefer OS specific binaries to allow the native package manager deal with the installation. However I personally prefer .tar.gz type installations which allows me to decide where to install it and also allows me a lot of flexibility to have more than one version installed locally and switch between versions with a simple ‘cd’ approach, without worrying about what’s installed where and what’s symlinked to which version of the installation.

Is a tar type download/install feasible for Couchbase server or are there certain dependencies which make this difficult to provide?

unfortunately no. we don’t have this. is this a blocker or a convenience issue for you?

Hi Cihan,

This is just a convenience feature for me and isn’t blocking any of our work with Couchbase. We are pretty happy with what we have got working and researched about Couchbase.

Hi Cihan,
I also came to this topic during my research about the options that Couchbase provides for development. I’m very new to Couchbase right now, but I’m thinking about migration from MongoDB. The thing why tarballs are important for me is the ability to implement the “embedded” database for functional tests, where DB access layer is involved.
Most of the time we use Java for our projects and, for instance, when we work with MongoDB there is an option to use the full-featured embedded MongoDB for tests. We also have the quite successful experience in implementing the same thing for PostgreSQL.
And I thought about the implementation of the embedded Couchbase server for Java testing. And I believe, I would already implemented it if I had the tar binaries available :slightly_smiling:
P.S. I know, we have CouchbaseMock project for such a purpose, but AFAIU the set of features it provides is very poor comparing to the real Couchbase cluster. What if one wants to use N1QL in the development?

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