Install Couchbase on Archlinux

Archlinux distro is very popular (Top 10 of Linux distros). Before Couchbase Server version 2.0 I could be installed Couchbase Server on Archlinux from sources. Now, I can’t. Is it possible add support for Archlinux ? Maybe is a Pacman private repo with Couchbase installer ?

I have gentoo-overlay with ebuilds It contains some patches and build info. Some of couchbase dependencies are outdated (like v8) or heavly-patched. Binary packages (i.e. ubuntu packages) work well even on gentoo, when compiled from source packages can fail some times for unknown reasons. For now couchbase will not compile with new erlang (>= 16) or new v8 (which is needed for chromium on gentoo). So I think it’s one of main problems.

You can try to port my ebuilds to arch (see couchbase-server.ebuild). I think that they contain enough information to create pacman package.