Couchbase in Embedded version


From few years ago I use RavenDB NoSQL database in my .NET projects. Last time I’ve checked Couchbase because I need better performance. In any applications I used special embedded version of RavenDB for Windows. Its possible or you have plan to create (develop) embedded version of Couchbase ? Maybe is possible use in Windows Couchbase Lite version ?


Hi Pawel,

As far as I know there are no plans for an embedded version of Couchbase Server.

That being said, is there any specific reason you need an embedded version? Have you got a specific use-case you require an embedded version for?

Generally, the current version of our Server meets the requirements of most use-cases.

Look forward to hearing back from you.



Some of our customers embed Couchbase in their products today. They directly use the package or extract the tarball and use that. The real question is what kind of application do you want to embed this into?

If it needs to be super lite weight as you mentioned the Lite version would be best, but we will not have windows support for sometime.

If you need it in an enterprise software product, the core server is an option.