Sync with CBL 2.5.3 failed with timeouts


We use Couchbase solutions in Windows environment :

  • front Office in CouchBase Lite 2.1.2 with .NET framework 4.6.1 under Windows 10.
  • sync Gateway 7.0
  • CouchBase server 6.0

every client with front Office works. The replication between front et Gateway works.

But we have a problem when we upgrade the front in CBL 2.5.3. The Gateway et server don’t change.

The replication failed with some clients with this errors and warnings

---- CouchbaseLite/2.5.3 (.NET; Microsoft Windows 10.0.18363 ) Build/10 LiteCore/2.5.3 (8) Commit/2ff7187 ----

16:11:52.475773| [WS] ERROR: {C4SocketImpl#661} No response received after 15 sec – disconnecting

16:11:52.478904| [Sync] ERROR: {Repl#659} Got LiteCore error: Network error 3 “connection timed out”

16:14:44.951286| [WS] WARNING: {C4SocketImpl#759} Unexpected or unclean socket disconnect! (reason=Network error, code=3)
16:14:44.983356| [Sync] WARNING: (WindowsProxy) [108] Call to WinHttpGetProxyForUrl failed (possible direct connection)…
16:14:47.456662| [Sync] WARNING: (WebSocketWrapper) [4] Timed out waiting for _writeQueue to finish, forcing Dispose…

Can you give us some clues to solve the problem ?

Best regards

There is really nothing that can be said here…it’s weird that you say it works in 2.1.2 but not 2.5.3 but the only information that is shown in the log is that the other side didn’t respond. Is there any reason you are upgrading to the non-latest version (2.7.1 is the latest at the time of writing)?

the upgrade to 2.5.3 is enough for our needs and the upgrade to 2.7.1 causes library conflict errors in compilation or in execution.

the method to call the Gateway have change between the 2 version of CBL ?
I think something (antivirus firewal or other) block the traffic or port in 2.5.3 configuration and not in 2.1.2

when I use fiddler to capture traffic on a client who works, then the sync fails with the same errors

Nothing springs to mind as different between those two versions but keep in mind how old they are at this point, so a lot of things have been forgotten. Try disabling the firewall completely to see if that fixes things though. Make as direct of a connection as possible to test things.


to close this ticket,
with the upgrade to version CBL 2.7.1, the synchronisation works again for all client.

thanks for your help