Sync Gateway return an error 409 : conflicts with newer version

I work with CB LiteCore 2.7.1 et Sync Gatreway 2.7.0 et couchbase server 6.0.0 CE in environment Windows 10 / .NET Core 2.

Rarely, we have somme errors 409 (conflicts with newer version)
But the documents are not modified on the server, only on mobile device.
After thes documents are no longer sent in sync with the server and
with our application the document can no longer be modified.
How to force the resynchronization of this doc ? with cblite ?

log info of CBL
18:39:38.266870| [Sync]: {Pusher#9416} Proposed rev ‘a1bfa096-1668-4f7c-a486-fc6ef43acfc9’ #312-9be1988605b1a4888ae2f3ccc7dd2ca95aeb1868 (ancestor ) conflicts with newer server revision
18:39:38.266910| [Sync]: {Repl#9413} documentEnded a1bfa096-1668-4f7c-a486-fc6ef43acfc9 312-9be1988605b1a4888ae2f3ccc7dd2ca95aeb1868 flags=02 (6/409)

log error of CBL
18:38:58.107945| [WS] ERROR: {C4SocketImpl#9406} No response received after 10 sec – disconnecting
18:38:58.109550| [Sync] ERROR: {Repl#9405} Got LiteCore error: Network error 3 “connection timed out”
18:45:28.543447| [Sync] ERROR: {Pusher#9416} Got error response to rev ‘fd6a0128-d403-4e1e-a3e2-8c6c74f51b01’ #2-aba9ec1afb859daabf05fe442997763a89b88824 (seq #138928): HTTP 409 ‘Document revision conflict’

log warning of CBL
18:39:00.320471| [Sync] WARNING: (WindowsProxy) [24] Call to WinHttpGetProxyForUrl succeed, however, proxy server list is null.
18:39:00.611480| [Sync] WARNING: (WebSocketWrapper) [55] Timed out waiting for _writeQueue to finish, forcing Dispose…

Could it be the case that some other client modifies that same document concurrently?

The logs in couchbase lite to a network error that you may want to check.

Also make sure you have a push_and_pull replication and not a push-only replication. Conflicts are resolved in pull and resolved document will be pushed up.

Hi, thanks for your answers

documents are modified only by one client.

which logs? I haven’t seen anything in CLB logs ?

this is perhaps the problem .
we build different replicators.
The first to pull changes from the server,
and after other replicators push changes from the client to the server .
You recommend making a single replicator to pull and push ?

Yes- will recommend using single push_and_pull

i will do this.
thank you