Sync Gateway 2.0: Client doesn't support WS protocol BLIP_3a2

after building the last release (branch master) from couchbase lite core i got the replication errors:

INFO 2018-03-01T13:40:35.306 "LiteCore [Sync]: {Repl#2} Push=continuous, Pull=continuous, Options={“WS-Protocols”:“BLIP_3+CBMobile_2”}"
WARN 2018-03-01T13:43:15.784 "LiteCore [WS]: {C4SocketImpl#2}==> class litecore::websocket::C4SocketImpl ws:"
WARN 2018-03-01T13:43:15.784 "LiteCore [WS]: {C4SocketImpl#2} WebSocket closed abnormally with status 403"
INFO 2018-03-01T13:46:13.759 “LiteCore [Sync]: {Repl#2} Connection closed with WebSocket status 403: “Unexpected response status 403 Forbidden” (state=1)”

Error log on SG shows:
Sync: [6280cdaa] Error: Client doesn’t support WS protocol BLIP_3a2, only BLIP_3+CBMobile_2
Couchbase Sync Gateway/2.0.0(773;5a497fd)
I use Couchbase Sync Gateway/2.0.0(773;5a497fd)
I know, that the protocol has been updated to BLIP_3.

What can I do ?



after unstalling the last sync gateway binary build from github instead from rpm the error does not occur.


Hey @weis, yeah there have been some protocol version changes recently, so it’s strictly enforcing the versions match.

Thanks for posting a follow-up!