Sync Gateway says "_blipsync --> 404 feature not enabled" when trying replication with .NET Standard 2 UWP Couchbase Lite

I’m currently testing Couchbase.Lite in an UWP app with Sync Gateway. I always get this in the Gateway log:

 GET /test/_blipsync  (as test)
    --> 404 feature not enabled  (0.5 ms)

Tried with Walrus and Server 5.0.1 Community Edition, tried the Community and Enterprise Edition of the Sync Gateway 1.5.1.

This is my client code:

        /* Create or open the database named app */
        Database database = new Database("test");

        var dict = new Dictionary<string, object>
            ["type"] = "task",
            ["owner"] = "todo",
            ["createdAt"] = DateTimeOffset.UtcNow

        var newTask = new MutableDocument(dict);

        /* Log the document ID (generated by the database)
           and properties */
        Debug.WriteLine($"Document ID :: {newTask.Id}");
        Debug.WriteLine($"Learning {newTask.GetValue("type")} with {newTask.GetValue("owner")}");

        /* Create replicators to push & pull changes to & from Sync Gateway. */
        var url = new Uri("ws://localhost:4984/test");
        var replConfig = new ReplicatorConfiguration(database, new Couchbase.Lite.Sync.URLEndpoint(url));
        replConfig.Continuous = true;
        replConfig.Authenticator = new Couchbase.Lite.Sync.BasicAuthenticator("test", "whatdoyouthink");
        replConfig.ReplicatorType = ReplicatorType.Pull;
        var replication = new Replicator(replConfig);
        replication.AddChangeListener((sender, args) =>
            string s = "";
            switch (args.Status.Activity)
                case ReplicatorActivityLevel.Stopped: s = "The replication is finished or hit a fatal error."; break;
                case ReplicatorActivityLevel.Offline: s = "The replicator is offline as the remote host is unreachable."; break;
                case ReplicatorActivityLevel.Connecting: s = " The replicator is connecting to the remote host."; break;
                case ReplicatorActivityLevel.Idle: s = "The replication caught up with all the changes available from the server.The IDLE state is only used in continuous replications."; break;
                case ReplicatorActivityLevel.Busy: s = "The replication is actively transferring data."; break;
            Debug.WriteLine("REPLICATOR STATUS CHANGE: " + s);
            if (args.Status.Error != null)
                Console.WriteLine($"REPLICATOR ERROR: {args.Status.Error.Message}");

Couchbase Lite is version 2.0.0-db022.

DB022 requires the 2.0 beta of Sync Gateway to function, but after that you need to set it up with the proper config file to enable the new replication protocol. @priya.rajagopal I always forget where the best information is kept regarding this. Do you have the most up to date location for the config file parameters?

With the DB022/ SGW 2.0 release, we no longer need to explicitly specify the replicator_2 config field. It defaults to the 2.0 protocol.

For future reference, latest version of config file is here

Refer to this for For shared bucket access specific config params.

Ah, I see. Would be nice to have a download link to a Windows Intaller file somewhere in the 2.0 beta docs, so noone needs to start guessing.

The downloads, release notes and beta announcement all specify the need for SGW 2.0.

you need to edit syn_gateway_sync.json file make sure your desired database name is listed there to couchdb server.