Server performance in-terms of time taken to execute the query


I am evaluating the Couch Base for one our product. Couch Base Server and Couch Base Lite SDK will be a good candidate for our application stack.

I have created a sample application in Android and calibrated some of the query execution time. One of the promising thing is even with 4 Lack data for querying the data it is taking 0~1ms based on document id, 900~1200 ms based on the other property and 2100~2300ms for querying 1 Lack data out of 4 Lack.

Looking at the above numbers we need couple of clarification

  1. Will the performance be same in Couch Base Server as we seen in the Couch Base Lite?
  2. What are the factors which will determine the performance? And do we have any suggested numbers for these aspects?
  3. Is there any approximate calibrated query execution time based on different number of records in the bucket?

It sounds to me as if you are doing a fine job of generating those estimates for yourself. There are so very many variations of mobile hardware, network configurations and the like, that venturing a guess about your specific circumstances would just be a shot in the dark.