Optimization tips for java client

I use couchbase 4.6.2 EE and java-client 2.3.7.
Do any perfomance tips exists? I need 100 request/second and minimum. I have spring app and couchbase (1 instance 5000 docs in the bucket) on the same machine. When I perform simple select from UI-console it takes 10ms, seems ok. But When I use the same query from java-client it takes 500ms. I increase queryEndpoints from 1 to 10. But it still very poor performance. What I should tune to increase performance?

Hi Mystdeim,

Are you able to share the code that executes the query and measures the performance? Does upgrading to the latest Java SDK version make any difference?


You can use prepare statements and pretty=false

I updated to the last version and no difference. The reason is very poor performance of couchbase. After refactoring indexes the database works faster