Couchbase Lite change tracker thread affecting Android performance

Hi All,

We’ve found a serious issue integrating Couchbase Mobile into our Android App. The software is getting slow as the user is using it. On average, our users use the software 12 hours per day. We found out and we can affirm that couchbase becomes our app slow.

This is how couchbase mobile is currently working:

  • We set pull and push continuously TRUE
  • The software creates 1 or 2 documents per hour.

Right after restarting the app, everything works fine and the average time to register a SQLite transaction is 1 second. After one 1-2 hours, the performance are worst and the time to register a SQLite transaction are 60 seconds on average.

Lets also say that almost all users have the same hardware, an all-in-one POS system with dual core, Android 4.2.2.

These are some of the screenshots taken showing CBL threads. I hope that you, as experts, can understand them and help us:

The CPU trace view is the below image. All pink areas are the couchbase process:

The point is that we’re not synching a lot of docs yet, just 1-2 per user per hour.


I couldn’t upload more than one screenshot per topic: