Couchbase query results are slow

I am working on an iOS app, I have synced around 2000 documents locally, I am executing queries on those documents and the query results in around 8- 10 seconds, Is this ok or is there anyways to fasten my query results.


hey i advise you to create indexes for the main keys
ex: type , employee_id , phoneno

this help you to execute query faster

I did this but It won’t be much helpful, and FYI i am also using double join in query execution, other behavioural issue is that queries execute litter faster in latest devices like iphone X but look double time in old devices like the iPhone 6s.

Could you provide more info such as what you are trying to do, what is your query, index, and query plan?

I’d love to see the query. It sounds like you’re using unindexed joins, which will have O(n^2) performance…