Requesting for a sample Couchbase cluster deployment using Couchbase Operator

Could you please post a sample Couchbase cluster deployment using Couchbase Operator?

Hi @varun, You can find the sample Couchbase configuration file here. Here are some links for you to get started -
Getting started -
Demo and presentation from Couchbase Connect NY 2018 - Introducing Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes

Hope that helps!

@anil excellent! Thank you for the pointers! I will look at them tomorrow and try it out! If I have any further questions, I will get back to you!

Hello @anil!

I did go ahead and deployed the Couchbase cluster use the Coucbase Operator way. Everything went well and I see the Admin UI too. Now when i try to “Create” a bucket, it automatically gets deleted. Please see the error snapshot below :

I see an error when i try to delete the “Default” bucket too.

Our dev and test team are blocked because of this. Could you please let us know why this might be happening?

P.S. Our K8s cluster is running on a CoreOS cluster.

Hi @varun,
By default, bucket management is handled by Autonomous Operator including creating, deleting and configuring etc. Hence when you try to create bucket on Couchbase Web Console it gets deleted since Autonomous Operator rolls back any changes to bucket.

We have introduced a new feature to disable bucket management through Autonomous Operator K8S-336. You can set “disableBucketManagement” field in Couchbase Cluster configuration file to true.

This feature is currently not available in 0.8.1-beta version but it will be available in GA version. Let me know if you’re interested in testing this feature we can make release candidate build available for you.


Hello @anil-

Thank you for the super quick response! Yes we would certainly love to test this feature. If we can get hold of this build ASAP, that would be great! Could you please give me a rough estimate on when this build might be available?

Also, if you could point us to the steps of deployment [if any changes], would be helpful too!

Thank you!

Hi @anil

Any update on this?

Thank you!


Hi @varun,

Current rough estimate is ~2.5 weeks. Can you send email at so I can get your the early drop and documentation available to you.


@anil - Hi Anil , We are trying to use Couchbase latest version in our K8s cluster and performed a deployment of Autonomous operator followed by Couchbase cluster. Before run the helm install we use values override while keeping " disableBucketManagement: true" inside values.yaml flle but it seems I still have issue on Bukcet disappeared .
Wonder do I need to remove default bucket spec below from values.yaml before do helm chart deployment ?

cluster buckets

# The default bucket
# Name of the bucket
name: default
# The type of bucket to use
type: couchbase
# The amount of memory that should be allocated to the bucket
memoryQuota: 128
# The number of bucket replicates

We have solved the problem because we didn’t realize that the disableBucketManagement values needs to be referred from couchbase-cluster.yaml as well . Once we have done this we have sorted the issue.