Dyanmic list of buckets for operator

I have a lot of micro service that each one of them needs new one or more Couchbase bucket. As far as I understand the documentation, the list is part of operator CRD and therefore the only way to change it through patch operation - something that it is problematic to in parallel. Is there better option to use operator functionality?

Hi @assaf.katz,
Yes, we have feature to disable bucket management through Autonomous Operator “disableBucketManagement” this field can be set to true in CRD definition. This is currently not available in 0.8.1-beta we shipped in May. This will be shipped in our final GA (tentatively) end of this month. In case you’re interested in testing early GA build please reach out to me directly anil@couchbase.com.
Also I would like to understand bit more about how Couchbase is used as data service along with Microservices.

Anil Kumar

Hi @anil,
The functionality that you mentioned can be useful but not want I meant. We want to define the bucket in different CRD that chart of each of our micro service will be able to supply. This means that the operator will define the bucket (and its indexes) but not as part of one big CRD that it has today.

Hi @assaf.katz, This is very interesting idea and thanks for sharing it. I have crated improvement ticket K8S-517 to track it.
Thank you!