Bucket is deleted automatically

Hi, Now I’m testing couchbase-operator and couchbase-cluster with helm.
With @simon.murray’s help I can attach pvc and login to the web dashboard.

But I have the problem of creating a bucket.
After pushing the button for creating a bucket, web dashboard shows the state of the new bucket.
After finish it, the new bucket is disappeared.

Logs likes below

Deleted bucket "test"
menelaus_web 011
1:31:08 AM   Thu May 2, 2019

Why dose couchbase delete new bucket?? Thanks

Because the Operator manages the buckets for you :smiley: You have two choices, put your buckets in change control with the spec.buckets attribute, or disable management and do things manually with the spec.disableBucketManagement attribute.

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Thanks your support!!

Glad I found this
This info should be in the logs