Query about obsPollInterval, maxReconnectDelay and MinReconnectInterval


I am evaluating couchbase for some of my usecases. I am using the couchbase-client-1.4.2.jar.

a) I would like to know the default values for the following properties used by CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder class:

  1. obsPollInterval
  2. maxReconnectDelay

I referred the following link:

I found that the default values for obsPollInterval and maxReconnectDelay are 400 and 30000 respectively. I tried to check the default values available in CouchbaseConnectionFactory class. I could find that CouchbaseConnectionFactory.DEFAULT_OBS_POLL_INTERVAL and CouchbaseConnectionFactory.DEFAULT_MAX_RECONNECT_DELAY are 10 and 30 respectively.

I am slightly confused now. I would like to know whether I should use the values in documentation or the default values in the CouchbaseConnectionFactory class. Could you please tell me the right approach in this case? Could you also tell me whether these values have to be configured in seconds or milliseconds?

b) Could you please tell me why no methods are exposed to set minReconnectInterval property on CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder class?

Richards Peter.

there is no “min reconnect delay” because its incremental, the max one is available to set (http://www.couchbase.com/autodocs/couchbase-java-client-1.4.3/com/couchbase/client/CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder.html).

Always refer to the ones in the factory itself as the current defaults, could be that the docs are outdated - sorry about that. We are currently in the process of reworking the docs for the brand new SDK that is upcoming.