Set keepAliveInterval and maxRequestLifetime with CB client 3.2.6 from spring boot appl

I have an issue setting up keepAliveInterval and maxRequestLifetime parameters after couchbase client upgrade to v3.2.6.

I am trying to override

protected void configureEnvironment(ClusterEnvironment.Builder builder) {
TimeoutConfig.Builder timeoutConfig = TimeoutConfig
builder.timeoutConfig(timeoutConfig); }
but cannot find necessary object/property to set up keepAliveInterval and maxRequestLifetime.
Could you please help?

Hi Natalia,

I suspect the keepAliveInterval and maxRequestLifetime settings from SDK 2 do not have exact counterparts in SDK 3. The reference documentation for Java SDK 3 client settings lists some close matches, though.

For keepAliveInterval, I’m not aware of an exact equivalent in SDK 3 – it just doesn’t do keepalives in the same was as SDK 2. The closest option is tcpKeepAliveTime in the IO config section.

Instead of SDK 2’s single maxRequestLifetime, SDK 3 allows configuring timeouts independently for each service. You’ve already configured the queryTimeout. It’s also possible to specify the kvTimeout, analyticsTimeout, searchTimeout (for Full-Text Search), etc.

In code, all of this might look like:

protected void configureEnvironment(ClusterEnvironment.Builder builder) {


Thank you David, for your extensive response