Couchbase Configuration


We are experimenting with the couchbase configuration and saw that with the following settings, the performance went better than the default values.


This is in a local environment. When we use these parameters in a multicore server, the application fails at startup. We read the documentation and we are not sure about how to use these values.

Can you help us?


Hi @fselva,

Thanks for reporting. What is the failure, can we get a stack trace if possible the full logs.

At now, i don’t have the stack trace. This is becasuse a didn’t saved it. And i can’t test it again because i can’t probe in the same environment.
Can you say me how can i calculate the correct values of that attributes?


We have information about the settings here. You are using the defaults for responseBufferSize and requestBufferSize. The computationPoolSize and ioPoolSize can be tuned based on profiling your application if the threads look saturated.