Default Connection Idle timeout


Is there a default setting/value for couchbase client connection established from a java client to a cb cluster?

We are noticing that if the connection stays idle for a long time (yet to determine the exact value of “long”, but it is apparently in hours), the subsequent 2 calls fail.

And then, it appears, CB re-establishes the connection the client resumes normal operations. But ideally I would like to control this idle timeout.

Is there a way?


Hi, this is not straightforward to answer.

It would be of great help if you can record the failed operations (maybe with a stack trace or what kind of fail did happen), maybe together with logging for that time.

Please raise an issue on our JIRA ( and we’ll look into it and figure it out. Note that there is currently no “idle timeout setting” exposed.

Thanks. We are working to reproduce the problem with a proper test case. I’ll make sure to raise a jira.