Python client on Apple M1/M2

We have a python application that is talking to Couchbase server via v3.0.1 of couchbase from pypi. We have libcouchbase installed via homebrew

We are running Couchbase 6.5 in production. For our development environments we are moving to new Macbook Pros with Apple silicon.

Our python client for couchbase is pinned to version 3.0.1.

For local testing we run CB server 6.5 in a docker container. On the new laptops we would like to do the same w/Rosetta emulation.

Problem is when we try to pip install our requirements, it fails when we have couchbase==3.0.1. It installs ok with couchbase==4.0.0.

Is it possible to run with 3.0.1 on an M1 (M2) Mac? Perhaps someone has prebuilt a wheel for that version?

Python SDK 3.0 reached End-of-Life in November 2022. You would be advised to use a newer SDK.

I’ve tried 4.0.0 and it seems to be ok. Worried of course about backwards compat with our server.

I’m not the authority, but I don’t think there are any breaking changes from 3.x to 4.x.
What about 3.2? It has End-of-Life of November 2024.

most of the issues we are having are building the wheels (openssl, etc). Using 4.0.2 is nice because its got prebuilt wheel

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