Facing issue while installing Couchbase Service v5.1.1 community edition native app on M1 Mac machine

Hi All,

I am trying to install native app v5.1.1 community edition on M1 mac machine but getting Problem running Couchbase while trying to install couchbase. Error as follows:
“Couchbase Server doesn’t seem to be operating properly. check console logs for more details.”

I followed this approach because it has been suggested by ianmccloy in this following link:

Any suggestion?

Hi Akash,

Thank you for using Couchbase and contributing to our forums.

As Ian mentioned in the post that you linked, Couchbase Server 5.x reached End of Maintenance and End of Life some time ago now.

It hasn’t been fully tested, but in theory the native Mac (X86) builds should run translated on Apple Silicon, but there may well be issues with older versions.

Our suggestion is that you look to upgrade to a recent (and supported/maintained) version as soon as possible.

Chris Malarky (Product Manager, Couchbase)